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If I sat here and listed all of my other interests besides Comedy, we would be here for like 4 hours cause it would take a long time for me to type them all out. But here are some of my other interests besides Comedy that are just as important to me.


Acting is really the main reason I moved to L.A. in the first place, sorry stand-up. I love acting. The fact that I get to play a ton of different characters and let myself feel and see what it could be like in the light of someone else is amazing to me. Clearly I lean towards comedic acting but I am definitely not apposed to trying other types of roles too. Right now I am working on my craft in class and hoping to audition more and book some great jobs.



A lot like acting, I love improv! It is a great tool for any aspect of life! Are you shy? Take an improv class. Kind of socially awkward? Take an improv class. Need to speak to a bunch of people and want to make sure they stay awake? Take an improv class. Seriously its great for anyone. But it definitely helps me with no only my acting but my stand-up as well. I like to think it helps me with my wittiness. I have studied improv all over town and I plan on continuing that as much as possible.



Ahh writing....hello old friend. I never really thought of myself as a writer until I started performing stand-up. Then I realized that I love writing. Its such a release. Just putting your thoughts and ideas down on paper (or typed if your fancy) is so therapeutic. I like to write stories that happen to me, things i dream about, things I thought up, stuff Ive seen and whatever else I think should be remembered. I also like to write jokes, TV show scripts, shorts (horror and comedy mostly), and skits. Currently I am working on writing a mockumentary TV show. I've also have a few other projects in the works.  



 Music is like my medicine. If I'm feeling, mad, sad, scared, happy, nervous, excited, anxious, or frustrated, I just put on my jams and let it soothe my soul. 



I am a sucker for art and art supplies. Its like my guilty pleasure. You take me to Michael's and get me to leave the store with under 10 items then your a magician. I like to draw, paint, sculpt, sketch you name it. What can I say I like to be creative. I am big into Penis Picture drawings right now. I also taught myself how to draw some pretty sweet graffiti. 



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