The Comedic Views of Heather Winter

The Real H-Dubb

I was born in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Painesville. I grew up in Concord, Ohio on Girdled Road. No, its not the boonies! I was always kind of a tomboy growing up. I would run around outside with my shirt off like the boys did! My parents never pushed me to be girlie so I thought it was ok! Thanks alot Mom and Dad! Little did I know that being a tomboy would get you no where with the fellas! I had a great childhood! I have 2 siblings that I love very much! My older brother Lee and my younger sister Courteney. We were always causing trouble when we were little, whether it was stealing my moms makeup or getting lost in the woods for 3 hours. My sister was always the diva of the family. She was wearing my aunts heels at the age of 3. My brother was always the hardass of the family. It didnt matter how big you were, if you messed with him your ass was grass and he was the lawnmower. (Except when I messed with him, I would beat his ASS!) I was always the goofy one! I would do anything to make people laugh and have a good time!


I went to high school at Riverside High School in Painesville, Ohio. I loved loved loved high school! I was friends with everyone and was voted Class Clown in the 9th grade and Most Likley to Appear on SNL in the 12th grade. I wouldnt say high school was the best time of my life but it was definetly alot of fun! I had a great group of friends and we always had the best times! My dad traveled alot and my mom lived in florida so the Winter household was the spot for A TON of parties! Im not talking your little 20-40 people get togethers, Im talking your 60-100 people parties where there would be new people every time! Our house was set back quite a ways from the road so it was the perfect setting for parties. We would have beer pong going on in one room, flip cup in another, a room for dancing and the rest of the rooms were for whatever else! We would party til about 1:30 am and then the cops would come. They never ever busted us for our parties, they would just tell us whoever can drive home has to leave and everyone else can stay. So we would kick out about 50-70 people and the rest of us would stay up til who knows when partying the night away! Now just because I partyed alot doesnt mean I didnt get good grades. I had a 3.4 gpa my senior year and my favorite class was Art. I love Art. Anything that has to do art I love. My best friend is actually a amazing artist and so it was great to have someone around with the same interests. Actually alot of my friends were in art! I was the type of person who would get along with everyone including my teachers. I never had any detentions in school except for 1 and it was my dads fault! He forgot to call me in for senior skip day so I had to serve a Saturday! But it wasnt too bad! High School was great...but then came college!


 I went to college at The University of Akron. Well I mean I went there for a year! But it was a great year! I loved living in the dorms with friends and going to college parties. The only thing I didn't really love doing was going to class. It was a little harder to get up and go to class when teachers would tell you, "Oh attendence doesnt really matter but you should come to class!" I also majored in something that I really had no interest in doing, Business Marketing/Advertising. I was taking a safe route and I hated it. So that's when I decided that Im going to live my life exactly how I want and Im going to do excatly what I want. So thats when I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a comedian/actress. I finished my year at U of A and then returned home. I don't have any regrets in life. I believe that everying that happens is apart of my personal story. Akron provided me with some GREAT stories to tell, thats for sure! So I returned home and started taking Theater classes at Lakeland Community College. That went well for about a year until I decided that I dont need a college degree to tell me that I am funny. So once again I dropped out! But at least Lakeland gave me some theater experience which was cool! So after all of that I finally made the desicion that I had to move to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I had a aunt that lived there and its LA why not go there. I took a spring break trip there in the 10th grade and fell in love. I loved everying thing about it. The weather, the people, the vibes, the creativity, everything. I knew deep down that thats where I would end up at somepoint. And thats exactly what happened! Im here in LA and slowly but surely pursing my dreams of becoming a comedian/actress! I will be sure to keep you all updated!!